• 2018 - La Tauro Autotrasporti celebrates 30 years

    Today, Tauro Autotrasporti has a large fleet that ship every day in Italy and all Europe.
  • 2017 - Opening of new building

    In April 2017, the Tauro Autotrasporti srl opened the new structure located in the industrial area of Villa Zaccheo (TE), with a total area of 15,000 mq and 3,500 mq of warehouse.
  • 2015 - Beginning of new building

    In October 2015, Tauro Trasporti srl decides to invest in the construction of a new building In February 2016 work begins.
  • 2014 - ISO 9001 Quality Certification

    In 2014 we receive ISO 9001: 2008; a quality certification that guarantees a quality services.
  • 2013 - Acquired and change of the company name

    In 2013 the company is acquired by father and son, the actual Tauro Autotrasporti srl.
  • 2011 - Transfer of our warehouse

    In 2011, Tauro Trasporti decided to move the company in a bigger place: in the industrial area of Villa Zaccheo (TE).
  • 1988 - 2011 - Tauro Trasporti increase his volume

    The passion, the ability of the two members with the capability of our employees have permitted to at our business growing up during these years.

In 1988 was founded Tauro Angelo Attilio snc

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